About Us

We have put together this website because we wanted to provide help to as many people as we could. We hope that by sharing some articles about personal finance it means that we will be able to help people to learn more about money. We know that many people do not get any help with regards to money, they have not been taught by anyone what they should be doing and how they should be handling it and this means that they make mistakes. Often people make mistakes without even realizing that there are better ways of doing things. This makes life hard and so we hope that by sharing some information, we will get people to start understanding how to handle their money better and they will then be able to feel in control. It can be hard to manage when you do not know what the best actions are to take and we hope that we will be able to rectify this by teaching people what to do so that they are able to learn what approaches will suit them best. It is not hard to learn but it can be tricky for a lot of people because they feel that learning about finance is boring and hard. We have therefore tried to make everything interesting, relevant and easy so that people can start to make the changes they need to make without having to put in lots of effort.